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Impress everyone with mind-blowing nail art !

Every time you wave, call, type on a keyboard, shake hands with co-workers, friends or family members, or otherwise utilise your hands in daily life, someone is likely to notice your nails. Without a doubt, nail extensions are very popular since they not only make you stand out in any social setting, but they also reveal a lot about your personality. Using a thin plastic plate to prolong your nails has become fashionable. Create appealing nail art for your extensions to make them seem better. Therefore, if you’re looking for nail art, you should be aware of some of the most fascinating facts regarding nail extensions before looking for the best options available.

We use products from a number of the top international brands, including OPI, Gelish, IBD, Tertio, Bluesky, CND Shellac and many more. We employ electric nail filing equipment, which are also very useful for nail removals, to save time and achieve greater perfection. A very crucial aspect that is taken care of is hygiene. Each time a tool is used, it is properly cleaned. It is important to use skilled nail technicians and extreme caution while applying new nail extensions or removing fake nails. Your natural nails shouldn’t be harmed by doing this. Your natural nails should just need little filing and a decent build-up to be strong enough to last a long time. They should also be incredibly smooth and tidy.

It has been noted that some amateur nail technicians file natural nails excessively, causing damage that makes them weaker and painful over time. Our highly trained and extremely professional technicians make an effort to address all of your questions about nail extensions with as much knowledge and insight as we can during our session or on call. For the best nail art and extensions, give us a call to book an appointment.

Nail Arts

It’s a creative way to paint, decorate, enhance & embellish nails. It can be done on finger nails & toe nails.  Style your Nails provides the following nail arts –
1.) Ombre nails
2.) Glitter nails. 
3.) Reflective glitters.
4.) Hand painted nails.
5.) Chrome nails.
6.) Cat eye nails.
7.) Marble nail arts.
8.) Diamante
9.) Beads
10.) Nail piercing
11.) Transfer foils
12.)  Foils.
13.) Dry flower arts.
14.) 3D floral arts
15.) Water decals.
16.) Mylar arts.
17.) Bridal Nail arts.

Nail Art is a creative expression of beauty ! Fun fact: Ancient Egyptians used varied nail colours to indicate different social levels. There are hundreds of nail art styles available now for you to show your particular preference, ranging from gorgeous landscapes to straightforward stripes.

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